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A new focus on professional pest management28.05.2019


Newpharm was founded by Dr. Dionisio Bagarollo in the year 2000, building on his 30 years of experience of biocides, professional pest control solutions and plant protection products gained with Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis). Since then, the company has continued to grow and our name has become a guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism.


Our headquarters are in the north-east of Italy, and thanks to our sales and distributor network, we are able to meet the needs of customers both nationally and internationally.


We currently operate in four different areas:

Agro & Biocides Division, with post-harvest cereals ad-mixture solutions, pest management products and a range of disinfection products designed for the civil, industrial and livestock sector.
Professional Division, with a complete line of biocidal products, devices and equipment for professional pest control and Integrated Pest Management.
Home & Garden Division, with a complete line of highly-effective and yet eco-friendly Fitoguard® products, specifically designed for the care of the house and the garden.
Medical Division, specialising in high-tech medical devices for minimally invasive surgery.


At Newpharm we believe that to tackle a problem efficiently you need a solid plan: that is why we offer ‘projects’ rather than just ‘one-off’ products. The expertise of our technical team means we offer effective and comprehensive solutions, catering to the specific needs of each customer. Find out more about our projects.


  • Technical know-how built up over the years, based on the expertise and close co-operation of our technicians with our partner companies in the different sectors.
  • Continuous investment in Research & Development to provide innovative solutions.
  • The promotion of low-environmental impact products to complement the wide range of traditional solutions.