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The importance of application

The correct application of the products is essential to achieve complete control of the insects infesting the cereals.


Cereal-San® – Application of ready-to-use products on cereals
Cereal-San Air® – Application of ready-to-use products on cereals
Cereal-San Mist® – Application of ready-to-use products on cereals
Cereal-San Aqua® – Application of concentrated products on cereals
Cereal-San®Dust – Powder application
Vectorfog® – ULVfogger (ultra low volume) for environments
DR 5® – Professional duster with compressed air connector
Mistral® – Powder application


Setting the dosing system

If it has been chosen to use a machine from the CERAL SAN® line or similar, it is important to carefully evaluate:

1. the type of nozzle,
2. the most appropriate nozzle position/installation.
This is key to the success of the treatment and leads to less waste and greater efficacy of the product used.

FAN NOZZLE (flat jet)

This type of nozzle is used to treat conveyor belts and a thin layer of cereal. The product is evenly distributed on the entire layer of cereal in motion. The nozzle must be carefully positioned at a height such as to cover the entire width of the cereal layer.



This type of nozzle is used when the cereal has a free fall movement, in chain conveyors, augers, etc., since cone fogging is better in reaching the kernels of the cereal.
Once the equipment has been installed, the flow rate of the pump must be calibrated, based on the hourly capacity of the chain conveyors, augers, belts, etc. and the type of nozzle or nozzles installed.