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For a proper setting of the project it is important to IDENTIFY PEST insects. There are several solutions developed for the storekeepers, in order to let them adopt the most appropriate strategies to their condition, for a full and persistent disinfection of foodstuffs. Therefore it is important to recognize the insects, adopt the best solution considering the better application method between:

  • READY TO USE FORMULATIONS miscible together;
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULATIONS to be diluted in water miscible together;
  • ORGANIC FORMULATIONS with a strong killing power;
  • INERT POWDERS for physical struggle;
  • PHYSICAL BARRIERS to prevent colonization.


Insects are responsible for the most important qualitative and quantitative losses of stored cereals. Significant attacks can cause temperature and humidity to increase, also causing the possibility of fungal attack (with mycotoxin production).
Many foodstuff processors and exporters require absolutely insect-free cereals in order to be able to put it on sale or use it for processing and/or seed production.